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Publishing Youtube Tutorials Quickly with One by Wacom and Google Jamboard

For the longest time, I have been struggling to find the perfect setup for publishing Youtube videos in which I can hand-write explanations without having to perform a million takes – all within a reasonable budget. With my latest video about BigQuery arrays , I have found a recording process that I am very happy with! This process is based on the One by Wacom tablet and Google Jamboard. Components One by Wacom tablet Small Size  (~$60) Google Jamboard (Optional) Blue Microphones Yeti, with pop filter. (~$120) QuickTime Player, or any other screencasting software. iMovie, or any other video editing software. Google Drawings, for Youtube thumbnails. One by Wacom  Disclosure: I received a free One by Wacom tablet from Wacom through . I believe the  One by Wacom Tablet (Small ) (~$60) is hands-down the best teaching tool for online instruction. It is one of the most basic ways to input handwriting to a computer. It's not suitable for artwork, but for simple drawings