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Tutorial: SQL Analytic Functions

SQL analytic ("window") functions compute a value for each row of input based on other rows, collectively known as a "window". The window is defined using OVER and can be refined using PARTITION BY, ORDER BY, and ROWS/RANGE BETWEEN. The value can be from a numbering function, navigational function, or an aggregate analytic function. To learn more, check out my Youtube video. For a text reference, BigQuery's article " Analytic function concepts in Standard SQL " is a great resource. Below, you can find the text referenced in the Youtube video, as well as some bonus content not in the video.

Learning About My Brain From Typing Z-A

Recently, I challenged my girlfriend to see who could type A-Z the fastest on  Speed Typing's "Type the Alphabet" page . She won :( Regardless, I loved how the site presented the results so clearly and colorfully. I then thought, "Hmm, I can use this site to study how my brain works." I'll just keep repeating this simple task to try out new techniques and observe how my performance changes.